A Little Sweeping And An Unanswered Question

First up, we need to do a little housekeeping with this blog. Ever since the New Year began, I promised you I'd write every day, and I have. But in the process of all of that, this little blog has been neglected. I've updated three times, including the announcement of my resolution, but I haven't had a set schedule. Until now.

I set that off as its own paragraph to make it seem more dramatic. I'm well aware it didn't work. I kept it anyway because if I hadn't, then this paragraph would have been pointless. Oh, I also really like self-referential humor.

Now that I took that little tangent about as far as I could, let's get back on track. I could pretend that I don't blog for any of you, but I really like having readers, if even a few of them. So, for all of your benefit, I'm going to blog regularly. Wednesdays and Saturdays, around dinner time, there will be a new post up, if at all humanly possible.

Update: I'll be posting Wednesdays around dinner time and Saturdays around lunch time. It just works better that way. Update 2: Looks like I'll be posting Wednesdays and Saturdays around lunch time. Gotta give you more time to read a post in a day, right?

Now that we took care of that, we'll move on to better topics. Since it's my choice, why don't we talk about how good I am at fulfilling my New Year's resolution in a way that doesn't really feel like success at all.

I've written every day, like I said. That's not the problem. The problem is that even on the days where I feel like I did my best, there isn't some count of words or time that can tell me what I really achieved. Most days, people don't even read what I wrote. At least with the blog, a few friends and my mom can see that I did something.

Every other day, I wonder if I did enough. Some days, I know I didn't do enough. Just enough to fill in that day on the calendar. Those days I need to fix. Those days will discourage me if they continually happen. Maybe I'll have to make a resolution to my resolution to avoid those.

But the other days, when I spend an hour and a half on a logline, rewriting the same sentence until the words all sound a little funny in my head - what do I do about those? That's work. Maybe I should be writing for eight hours a day, but I don't know if I can work like that. While I'm still stuck on something as small as this one sentence, I can't put in that much work, or I'm going to push myself into writer's block.

So what do I do those days? The ones where accomplishing something still feels the same as accomplishing nothing? I wish I knew.