A Little More About Heroes

It's been more than a few days and I still can't get the idea of a shooting in a movie theatre out of my mind. I hope I'm not belittling anyone's experience when I say that I feel it's all so much worse because of where it happened. Every single murder or injury is bad, but I can't get over the idea that it's all the more so because it took place in what should've been a place of joy. A lot of people will tell you that the point of the superhero movie (or action movies in general) is escapism. Nothing more. I think these people have either missed the point or try to simplify it down to look more like a connoisseur of good taste.

The point of these movies is not to get away from anything. It's to believe in something.

That one can make a difference.

That people can do what's right.

That evil can be overcome.

And that is what the psychopath took that night from the people lucky enough to escape with their lives.