A Down Day

Now before you start thinking that this is going to turn into a Xanga or MySpace of old, no, I don't mean that I'm feeling sad and I want to write about it. Today I'm going to talk about something much better that we need to treat ourselves to.


Because this is a post about rest, and I'm writing it on a day where I'm planning to rest after just finishing a big, bothersome script (WOO!), I'm not going to write very long. I do want to say though that without rest, we're going to lose ourselves once in a while.

I had a streak of 641 days straight, if my app is giving me the right information, of writing. It's probably less than that, because I think for a while I convinced myself I was writing when really what I was doing was thinking about writing, but regardless, even rounded way down, I had around 600 days of writing in a row.

And then came those days where thinking about writing replaced writing. And then, it got so far as to even hit the point where I was fine with thinking about thinking about writing and that was just a bridge too far.

So I made myself not do anything related to writing for a day.

I started over the counter I was using.

And then I started writing again. Even when it was hard. Even when a word came as hard as a page used to.

Take rests, but work hard. If you're going to do something every day, give yourself some days where you do it, but less. Or easier.

Like this blog post.