A Date With Destiny

I've put it off entirely too long. You think you really have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, but when it comes down to it, our time is so short. Even in the shortest views of the history of the world, our entire lives are a mere fraction of that existence. To think about the implications of eternity shortens our perspective life spans even further. It's as though we are creatures incapable of fathoming our fleeting existences. If you'll allow me to detract for a moment, I currently wonder whether or not insects and the like are well-aware of just how little time they have. I'm even uncertain that they have awareness of time at all. Surely they know the days change from night into day and back again, but do they know what it means?

If we are the only living beings to understand time in this fashion, as a measurable distance, and among the longest living of the sentient life forms, surely we should have by now discovered that what we have is impossibly rare. That we have should not be wasted, even for a second. That what we have is, in fact, all we have.

That's why, as I said at the beginning of this post, I plan to waste no more time. None of yours, none of mine.

From this point on, I, Michael Ulrich, will be working on my hip-hop career.

It's impossible to deny I was destined for a life such as this. Think of my upbringing in a small Dutch town in Michigan. Think of my attending exclusively Christian schools all the way through college. Think of my overall lack of money.

How did I miss this for so long?

I'll rap about the real things too. The things people care about. Like big booties (and how I should probably exercise to get rid of mine) and ice (you know, because I can't afford to turn my heat up).

I'll probably start with some mixtapes. Underground stuff, mostly. If I can pick up some momentum, maybe I can release them as frequently as Lil' Wayne did for a while. That was what, three a day? Something like that. Maybe I'll even get featured on a song or two. That'll help.

And trust me, I know there will be some pushback at first. Not everyone's ready for what I have to say. I know this by now. They'll come around though. If not through my music, they'll see what I'm all about when I release the feature film about my life and where I came from to get where I am.

The title of the movie? Simple. "8th Street." I remember my roots. I know the hood that raised me.

I'm just glad I figured this all out before my whole life passed me by. A blink of an eye, it is.