A Big Day!

I know I'm breaking the cardinal sin of everything by using an exclamation point here, but I can't contain my excitement. I won't contain my excitement. Unless something goes horribly wrong, and there's always room to account for something going horribly wrong, the first comic ever created under the DAM Good Comics imprint will be released later this evening. It's not the first comic Daniel Whatley (co-creator! artist! friend!) and I have worked on together, but it's the first one we've finished and we're going to put it out for all of you to see.

The real intention was to have it done in time for Indiana Comic Con, which is this weekend. And we have it done with just a few days to spare.

I talked about this a few days ago when I mentioned that he was redoing the artwork and I couldn't be prouder of him. Well, I was wrong. Now I couldn't be prouder of him. You know what gutsy move he pulled this time? He spent so much time redoing all of the artwork, and I mean every page, and we're going back to the original. He's retouched it and we're using it.

See what I mean about guts? I'm not sure I've ever written a second-draft of a script and then went back to the first. Maybe there have been times where I should have. Hm, now I want to go back through my old drafts folders.

That's getting off topic, I suppose, but the point is today. Today is the day. Expect me to be really annoying for a really long time as I try to get this thing we made in front of your eyes. You can't blame me for that, right? We've worked hard enough at this that we've earned it?

I hope so, because it's coming later today.

Space by Michael Ulrich and Daniel Whatley.