2 Chainz, Tunechi, and YMCMB

(2 Chainz) I don't have a doubt that this is going to be my most alienating post yet. No one's really going to get it, and worse, if they do, they probably won't care. I think it's important though, because where else are we going to talk about what we can learn about every day life from rap music?

Here. That's where we talk about it. Everybody knows this website has always been an open forum for all things rap music related. The more we can make our lives like the songs we hear and the music videos we see, the better, I always say. Who doesn't want to pop bubbly and drive cars that bounce up and down on hydraulics?

This isn't about the fast cars or the faster money or the fastest women today though. This is about something more basic. Something more human. Something that I think would improve each and every conversation we have. It's the intro, the outro, and the reminder.

First, the intro. I picked 2 Chainz as the artist for this one because he does it all the time. Go ahead, look him up. Whenever he's about to come in for a verse, the background or foreground of the song will contain someone saying his name like they're at a party and they had no idea he'd be coming. It might even be himself saying his own name. Why not? He can be excited he showed up too.

I'd like to have this in conversations. I've been known to hang quietly in the back sometime, but I usually find a way to drop a couple of one-liners in here or there, and I'd love that brief introduction to them. If someone said my name in their best Lil John impression before anytime I spoke, I think it'd really start building the anticipation for the straight humor I was about to drop.

Next, of course, is the outro. This happens in a rap song immediately after the verse. Lil Wayne, or Tunechi, is pretty adept at this one. He says that nickname all the time after his bars. This is where it gets a little tricky, because the "drop the mic" moment is pretty dramatic and you don't want to miss it. You can't oversell it. Don't want to be too earnest, but you have to remind them who you are.

It'd work so well in conversation though. Think about it. You're hanging with the friends, you've already been introduced by your hype man, you say a few wicked little jokes, then you just casually mumble your nickname, drop the mic, and peace out. Leave 'em wanting more? Oh, you've got that in spades.

And for the love of God, you can't use the same name you were intro'd with. That's just weak. This is why you need to start building a collection of nicknames now. It'll serve you in the long run, I swear.

Then, after you've been intro'd and you've outro'd yourself, it's time for the last reminder. Any member of the Young Money crew is great at this one. Listen for it in their songs. It's usually the last chorus where you'll hear a shout of "Young Moolah, baby" or "YMCMB" or something like that. They're reppin' their crew, and boy, are they reppin' it hard.

You've got friends, right? You want people to know that, no? Remind 'em. You just walked away from the conversation in the most dramatic moment they've seen (if you did it right, they're probably still saying "ohhhh" at your awesome joke and equally awesome exit), and they think you're gone. That's when you pop up out of nowhere, drop the name of your crew, then actually leave for good.

People with never forget a dramatic exit like that.


Oh, and by the way, you have to sell this with the absolute confidence. If there's hesitation, or lots of "ums" or "I guesses", you ain't got it. Get your head in the game, son.

(Young Moolah, baby)