10,000 Hours

Some friends had a party last night with a lot of people I wouldn't mind spending my evening with. I left after about an hour. Why?

Because I made a decision, I gave myself a label, a long time ago. That decision, that label, is writer. And I'm not getting any younger.

It may be artificial momentum from a fun weekend at a convention full of people loving the same thing I'm loving. It may be artificial momentum from finally finding a project that resonates with me.

Quick side story: someone important once told me that a person's nervous system is "tuned" to a specific musical key, so some music can genuinely resonate with your body.

I still don't know if that's medically true, but I now see what she meant. A beautiful image, really.

Back on point, it may be any number of types of artificial momentum, but the thing about that energy, kinetic or potential, is that it's still energy. I'm not one to refuse anything that gets the ball rolling even a half rotation.

I don't imagine everyone will understand this. Not everyone has to get up so early, or save more of their money, because not everyone wants to do the same things I want to do.

But dreams have prices. You've heard it before, but Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery of anything takes 10,000 hours of your time.

I think a little more time, and a little less money, aren't costs higher than the hopes I have for the future.