Valuable Resources

I'm not doing any of this on my own, so I thought it'd be great to start by writing about incredible resources I've found. That way, when I forget something or need to learn something more, maybe I'll stumble across what I've written here. Hopefully you can use it to learn a little something too.

  • CodeNewbie Podcast - I'm only a few episodes in, but a later episode was in my Overcast list for months before I gave it a listen. The interview was incredibly warm, funny, and inspirational. Here's part one of the episode I listened to first. I think once you check that out, you'll want to dive right into part two and maybe start from the beginning like I'm doing.
  • - I know this isn't a resource necessarily available to everyone, but it's been essential to me in my learning. If you're really serious about learning, it is probably worth getting for a month to go through the courses you want. 
  • - What lynda training laid the groundwork for, codecademy solidified. Their interface for writing code right on their site is brilliant and easy and it makes you show you know a topic before you can move on. I'll probably revisit this to sharped some topics that I don't know as well.
  • - The first time I solved a challenge on CodeWars was the first time I felt like I could really learn to code. I wouldn't recommend this as a place to start, but it's a good place to practice what you've learned.
  • Dash - RTFM, am I right? If you're going to learn, you'd be wise to dig into the actual documentation. 
  • Friends - Try to find some people who don't mind you asking them 100 coding questions a day. I bugged Sam and Andre every chance that I got. 

I'll update this as I come across more things worth sharing, but if you're reading this, why don't you tell me some of yours?