Hello, World!

Stagnation is death.

If I look back 20 years from now, or just next year, and say that I'm the same person that I am now, I think that'll be a loss. I want to be ever improving, ever moving. I want to tell a story with how I live and stories never leave a person unchanged.

So now I'm teaching myself, or it's probably safer to say online training courses, blogs, and a few friends I bug far too often are teaching me, to code. It's nice. I think my brain works in the right way to do it, even if it often feels like beating my head against the wall trying to learn it.

I've also been looking for a reason to blog again. Maybe something I learn along the way is worth reading about. Maybe I'm shouting into the void. Who really knows with these things.

The point is, I'm going to program and then I'm going to talk about it here sometimes.

Let's see what happens.